Dear colleagues

The new focus of Landscape Review is to bridge the apparent divide in landscape architecture between research and professional practice. Many practitioners feel that academic research is inaccessible or not relevant to project-driven success. Many researchers are disappointed with the impact of their hard work on project success and potential end users. The reasons for this divide are diverse, but likely originate from systemic differences in how practitioners and researchers are rewarded for different types of achievements by their organisations or those of their various clients. Nonetheless, some landscape architects successfully straddle this divide by undertaking projects underpinned by research approaches and critical thinking. Others take up practice itself as research reflecting the multiple ways of expanding landscape architectural knowledge production.

Landscape Review welcomes contributions that interrogate the relationship between forms of research and professional practice on any landscape-related topic, including climate change and decarbonisation of construction, energy and transport sectors, through either written articles, interviews, critiques or reports. They may focus on, but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous research and practice approaches;
  • built or speculative projects informed by research;
  • conversations between practitioner(s) and researcher(s);
  • transferable methodologies or approaches used in professional practice;
  • critical reflections on research and practice outcomes;
  • barriers and enablers to using research in professional practice;
  • barriers and enablers to using practice experience in academic research;
  • key issues tackled by both researchers and practitioners;

We particularly encourage the use of photographic and videographic work in submissions.

For further one-to-one discussion or assistance, please contact us.


Deadline: 03 July 2023

Contributions should be submitted online at by registering and logging in to the web site. Once you are registered, go through the five step process to complete uploading your contribution. All submissions are checked by an editor before being peer reviewed through a double blind process.

Please visit the submissions web site before submitting your work. There is a preparation checklist to follow for submissions. Written contributions should be formatted according to the author’s guidelines template. There is no charge for article processing.