Call for Papers: Special Issue - Māori Landscapes


With the intention of keeping this first special issue broad so that it reflects possible avenues of research, we are encouraging a wide range of approaches and ideas. Below, are some ideas of research topics (please do not let the list below limit what you write about, and addressing several of these in your writing is very welcome):  

  • Landscape of meeting/trade.
  • Landscape of bloodshed/peace:
  • Landscape of conquest/uruuru-whenua
  • Landscape of cold fires/te ahi kaa
  • Landscape of significance/naming
  • Landscape of stories, legends and myths
  • Landscape of meaningless names
  • Landscape of distant/obscure memory
  • Improved landscapes
  • Resource landscapes
  • Landscapes defined by ownership
  • Supernatural landscapes
  • Landscapes of mana
  • Landscapes of loss
  • Defined boundaries in the landscape.
  • Turangawaewae
  • Landscapes as places of regeneration

 We seek three types of double-blind peer-reviewed submissions

  • Research - Full articles (around 7000 words + references)
  • Reflection - Research notes (maximum 3000 words plus references)
  • Report - Exemplars of practice/photographic essays/professional portfolios/visual essays (8 to 10 images with explanations and references)

For more information about these categories, please visit the Landscape Review site at

 Note that this academic journal is free and open-access and is read by a wide international audience of academics and landscape practitioners. It is our intent to promote this special issue widely to stimulate debate and to provide further material for follow-up issues. We would like see this develop into a wider audience examining indigenous expression in landscape using wider-world exemplars and writings. Also, if you decide to contribute to one article, you will be asked to review two other articles. The reviewing process will be done with complete anonymity. Your text can include visual aids: images, sketches, plans, figures, diagrams (in high resolution – 300 dpi or above) are welcome with proper full referencing and permissions.

 Important information and dates for submission:  

  • Name and email address for communication of contributor(s)
  • A 250-word abstract
  • Abstract submission – end of August 2020
  • Acceptance of proposal – mid September 2020
  • Full paper/article by mid-November 2020
  • Publication date – end of February 2021
  • For format requirements, please refer to the ‘Author Guidelines’ and ‘Submission Preparation Checklist’:
  • For more information about the journal:

For any inquiries, please contact:

 Dr. Lloyd Carpenter

Senior Lecturer in Māori Studies

Lincoln University


 Dr. Nada Toueir

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Lincoln University