The Local and the Global: The Flora of the Israeli Garden


  • Tal Alon-Mozes



The floral palette of the Israeli garden is a rich and diverse mosaic, reflecting the mosaic of the country's population. Indigenous species mentioned in the Bible bloom alongside species that were introduced hundreds of years ago and are considered residents, as well as new introductions from around the world (Helphand, 2002). This floral palette is not incidental, but is the product of the development of the Israeli garden culture. A culture shaped by ideology, politics, economy and society. This paper characterises the floral palette of the Israeli garden from the beginning of the twentieth century to date, examining the relationship between its local and global components. The examination of design proposals and existing gardens enables us to discuss the connection between the Israeli garden's flora and aspects relating to culture development, local identity and the politics of its formation.


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Alon-Mozes, T. (2004). The Local and the Global: The Flora of the Israeli Garden. Landscape Review, 10(1-2), 6–9.



Short papers presented at the 2004 CELA