Memorials: designing for success by marrying concept and detail


  • Jack Woland



Memorials are archetypal. They speak of life's meaning, of value systems held in common, of significant challenges and events in the history of a tribe or nation ... They transmit universal truths and experience ... (Halprin, 1997).The only addition that needs be made to this definition is that it is true only of 'successful' memorials. In a time when memorials are springing up like so many toadstools in a damp wood, an exploration of what actions landscape architects and allied professionals can take in order to craft meaningful landscape memorials is a worthwhile endeavour. This paper addresses a means for determining the success of landscape memorials and provides a resource to aid in designing for future success.


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Woland, J. (2004). Memorials: designing for success by marrying concept and detail. Landscape Review, 9(1), 250–253.



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