Keep Going....How non-Indigenous designers can advance First Nations in post referendum projects


  • deb robbins TCL



Caring for Country; Design Process; maturing Australian Culture; non-Indigenous designers


As a Built Environment professional and in particular a landscape architect – I am encouraged to see First Nations issues and culture finally given a prominent place in the national conversation. As a landscape architect the extra joy arising from this is, of course, the concept of Caring for Country and the opportunity to enrich and maturate Australian cultural life by reimagining, restoring, and conserving our shared environment. Caring for Country – an interconnected concept concerning cultural/spiritual/practical ways of caring for the land - could be the cultural or more controversially the spiritual connection to accompany the modern practice of Landscape Architecture in Australia. The issue being - how is this expressed in a way that is as consultative and authentic as possible? And can non-Indigenous designers work in this space? And if so, how? It is obvious to say we must first engage with First Nations people, but there are some established and emerging ideas and protocols that can help non-indigenous designers achieve meaningful and authentic results for built projects.


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robbins, deb. (2024). Keep Going.How non-Indigenous designers can advance First Nations in post referendum projects. Landscape Review, 20(1).