The Forest, the Trees and the Science of Scenery


  • Rudi van Etteger



It is not every day that you get to review someone’s life work. Dr Andrew Lothian’s The Science of Scenery certainly qualifies as a life work. It offers almost
500 pages on everything you wanted to know about scenic beauty, and then a few things besides that in its encyclopaedic approach to the issues of scenery and landscape quality. The subtitle, How We See Scenic Beauty, What It Is, Why We Love It, and How to Measure and Map It, leaves little to the imagination. In this review, I describe and evaluate the content of the book and place it in a wider context of philosophical thought on landscape beauty by confronting it with the work of environmental philosophers, particularly Canadian philosopher Allen Carlson.


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van Etteger, R. (2019). The Forest, the Trees and the Science of Scenery. Landscape Review, 18(2).